Level 1

SQL Query Writing & Fundamentals

You’ll build a strong foundation in SQL and Databases, this will then allow you to start
building SQL queries and perform more complex reporting on a database.

  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Hours: 25 hours approximately


Level 1 SQL

Course Modules

  • 1. Databases – An Overview
  • 2. SQL – An Overview
  • 3. Getting Started with Microsoft SQL Server
  • 4. Retrieving data
  • 5. Working with Multi-table Queries
  • 6. Using SQL Functions in Queries
  • 7. Grouping Data
  • 8. Create, Modify and Delete Tables and Databases
  • 9. Manipulating data in a Table
  • 10. Working with Views and Stored Procedures

Level 2

SQL Intermediate to Advanced

You’ll be able to design and implement database models and database storage objects; deal with user-defined functions, triggers, stored procedures, advanced SQL query writing and reporting.

  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Hours: 40 hours approximately

Level 2 SQL Course

Course Modules

  • 1. Working with Query Fundamentals
  • 2. Querying Multiple Tables
  • 3. Implementing Aggregate Queries
  • 4. Combine and Compare Datasets
  • 5. Working with Transactions and Locking
  • 6. Modifying Data
  • 7. Working with Data Types and Creating Tables
  • 8. Implementing Data Integrity
  • 9. Using Advanced Query Techniques
  • 10. Using Programming Objects
  • 11. Working with Triggers and Views
  • 12. Improving Query Performance
  • 13. Working with Indexes and Partitions
  • 14. Working with XML in the database
  • 15. Working with SQLCLR and FILESTREAM
  • 16. Using Additional Functionality
  • 17. Implementing the Service Broker
  • 18. Using SQL Server Manageability Features
  • 19. Tracking Data Changes

Training Benefits

  • Flexible elearning
    You choose the hours you want to train
  • Specialised Teacher Support
    You will have support for your questions
  • Realistic Interactive Simulations
    To give you hands on skills and practice
  • Assessments
    Helps you to concentrate on problem areas
  • Audio Narration
    Choose to listen to the training
  • Reference Guides
    Print out course in Manual format to keep
  • Certificate of Completion
    Helps you get more job interviews

SQL Jobs

Our training is directly aligned with the job market. These are the current salary ranges.

Analyst – Data or Business – Salary $63,500 to $100,000+

Database Developer – Salary $64,000 to $100,000+

Database Architect or Analyst – Salary $104,000+

Consultant – Salary $112,000+

You’ll be eligible to sit the following Microsoft exams

  • 761 Querying Microsoft SQL Server
  • 762 Database Development SQL Server

A typical course module uses the structure below


What our customers are saying

Having someone to answer my questions was a real help. It got me over the barriers that were blocking me before.
Abha Patel
Abha Patel
The step-by-step training method they use allowed me to follow the logic of the query writing, so I could learn it quicker.
Sally Warne
Sally Warne
The Technical Support guys were really patient with me, thanks again.
Peter Marsh
Peter Marsh